About Paintballs

A lot of people underestimate the power of a paintball; they don’t always explode and when they don’t, they can cause a great deal of damage to people and anything else they come into contact with. That said, paintballs were designed to break and subsequently the paint cover the object. The impact the paintballs make with things they come into contact with causes quite the colourful spectacle. Paintballs come all different types of colours, but most are made of the same gelatin substance and break quiet easily.

Featured Presentation: Chemistry Behind Paintballs by Erin Spears

Their impact won’t go unnoticed as their spread can reach up to 12″ in diameter, depending on proximity and the surface that it hit. It is never safe to aim or shoot someone at close range with your paintball gun. Even the weakest paintball gun on the market has the potential to put someone’s eye or cause serious injury. Even shooting objects or targets at close range can cause the paint to splatter into your eye, which isn’t fun for anyone involved. Getting quality paintballs is another issue serious paintballers are experience. If you happen to be the recipient of faulty paint balls it could cause your gun to clog, jam and even fail at the most crucial part of the game.

It’s not hard to tell where paintballers have made their mark, no pun intended. In recent years drive-by paintballing has become an issue in several cities across the nation. Theoretically, it doesn’t cause any damage to the cars or street signs on the receiving end, however the life-like qualities of some paintball guns and the idea of ‘shooting’ anything has some officials in a frenzy. Local authorities are cracking down on the latest form of vandalism. As fun as it may seem, it really is troublesome to communities, a real threat to children and gives the sport of paintball a bad name. Let’s keep the Paintballs in right setting. If you want to paintball a car, make sure it’s your own and not in a residential area.

Whether you disagree with the posted speed or not doesn’t give you the right to damage property. Like any other firearm, Paintballs should be shot and used in the appropriate locations. I have to admit, I’ve laughed a few times when I’ve seen a speed limit signed that’s been pummeled with paintballs because I’m sure it drives the police nuts, but all in all it’s not a good idea. They have a tough enough time worrying about things they should be worrying about, so let’s let them do their job and keep the streets clean. If you feel the need to express your creative side with paintballs, you really shouldn’t deface public property in the process.

Please Note: Paintballs are the key part to any paintball game. Nobody anticipates running out of paintballs in the middle of a match, but it does happen. Keep enough Paintballs handy in case you start getting low or you’ve just become trigger happy.

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