About Paintballs

A lot of people underestimate the power of a paintball; they don’t always explode and when they don’t, they can cause a great deal of damage to people and anything else they come into contact with. That said, paintballs were designed to break and subsequently the paint cover the object. The impact the paintballs make with things they come into contact with causes quite the colourful spectacle. Paintballs come all different types of colours, but most are made of the same gelatin substance and break quiet easily.

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Their impact won’t go unnoticed as their spread can reach up to 12″ in diameter, depending on proximity and the surface that it hit. It is never safe to aim or shoot someone at close range with your paintball gun. Even the weakest paintball gun on the market has the potential to put someone’s eye or cause serious injury. Even shooting objects or targets at close range can cause the paint to splatter into your eye, which isn’t fun for anyone involved. Getting quality paintballs is another issue serious paintballers are experience. If you happen to be the recipient of faulty paint balls it could cause your gun to clog, jam and even fail at the most crucial part of the game.

It’s not hard to tell where paintballers have made their mark, no pun intended. In recent years drive-by paintballing has become an issue in several cities across the nation. Theoretically, it doesn’t cause any damage to the cars or street signs on the receiving end, however the life-like qualities of some paintball guns and the idea of ‘shooting’ anything has some officials in a frenzy. Local authorities are cracking down on the latest form of vandalism. As fun as it may seem, it really is troublesome to communities, a real threat to children and gives the sport of paintball a bad name. Let’s keep the Paintballs in right setting. If you want to paintball a car, make sure it’s your own and not in a residential area.

Whether you disagree with the posted speed or not doesn’t give you the right to damage property. Like any other firearm, Paintballs should be shot and used in the appropriate locations. I have to admit, I’ve laughed a few times when I’ve seen a speed limit signed that’s been pummeled with paintballs because I’m sure it drives the police nuts, but all in all it’s not a good idea. They have a tough enough time worrying about things they should be worrying about, so let’s let them do their job and keep the streets clean. If you feel the need to express your creative side with paintballs, you really shouldn’t deface public property in the process.

Please Note: Paintballs are the key part to any paintball game. Nobody anticipates running out of paintballs in the middle of a match, but it does happen. Keep enough Paintballs handy in case you start getting low or you’ve just become trigger happy.

Paintball Sniper

Every good paintball marker deserves a good paintball sniper behind the scope. As you can see this guy has all the proper Paintball gear and is ready for war (Paintball war). Being a good Paintball Sniper requires practice. It also requires a bit of skill and luck. After playing a few paintball games, you’ll find yourself developing a technique, a stance and a shooting style that is comfortable for you. You’ll want to be mobile so you don’t get eliminated by other Paintball snipers. You want to be discrete, but properly protected. Remember, you need to have some back up Paintball ammo too, so be sure to take this into consideration when you start strapping on your Paintball gear. Every good Sniper is locked, loaded and ready at all times. You’ll become an easy target if you are weighed down with too many Paintball accessories.

This Paintball Sniper might have so much Paintball Gear on, they might be get sniped pretty easily.

No matter what your style of play is during a paintball game, paintball snipers are actively seeking their opponents. Rarely will you catch a true Paintball sniper lurking with no intentions of attacking. Paintball snipers pick their targets wisely and have their sites set so accurately that they can pick some off from over 50 yards away. Top notch Paintball snipers can emerge from around a tree or obstacle and hit their target within the first three shots.

Paintball Snipers can adapt to any situation, environment; even sub-artic temperatures. You may find yourself a little timid at first, but before you know you’ll be a Paintball Sniper yourself with a little practice.

There are cases when you paintball games are played at night or in the dark and paintball snipers love this type of challenge. Certain paintball guns come equipped with lighted sites or even a function flashlight integrated into the design that is specifically made for this type of match. A paintball sniper gun comes in many shapes and sizes, but it’s the guy holding the gun that dictates the outcome of the game. The best paintball gun in the world won’t necessarily make you a top tier Paintball sniper.

Wow. This Paintball Sniper is serious as a drug bust. Acting or not, Paintball Snipers take their role seriously.

There will be some cases when you simply can’t be a paintball sniper. Circumstances are always different in every paintball game; some matches will implement handicaps, use of high powered stationary paintball guns and in some cases even utilise paintball tanks! In these rare cases, it’s very difficult to be a mobile Paint ball sniper. Although, they might provide a different angle to the game and give snipers a chance to try different strategies.

This just looks like hours of fun, if you have any desire to be a Paintball Sniper. You won’t do much paintball sniper shooting in this thing, but it sure looks cool.

Please Note: If you want to earn respect as a Paintball Sniper, you’ll need to first get yourself a high quality Paintball sniper rifle. Second, you’ll need to learn how to shoot it accurately. Get familiar with your Sniper Paintball gun.

Paintball Games

Paintball games can be a couple of different things. You can have a Capture the Flag’ type scenario, Everyone for themselves type scenario or you can just go out with your buddies and just randomly hid and shoot each other. Most prefer some sort organisation and agenda.

Another thing that varies is the type of Paintball field or course you play on. Most will obstacles, forts or areas where you can catch your breath and reload your Paintball gun. Paintball playing fields are usually sectioned off so players don’t wonder too far, as the objective is usually to shoot and eliminate your opponent; not take a nap in the woods.

Paintball Games are exciting whether you’re playing on a course or in a wooded area. You can always expect to encounter some sort of obstacle throughout your Paintball Game, like this one shown here.

One of the most appealing things about all Paintball games is that the sport doesn’t discriminate against any age group, weight or height. Everyone can play and has an equal opportunity to shoot, eliminate opponents and help their team win. We keep preaching safety and proper gear, but once everyone is covered with the right paintball gear, anyone can take the field and have a good time. Women, children, adults and Handicapped players can all enjoy paintball games!

Paintball Chic ready for a Paintball Game. After finishing what looks to be his first Paintball Game, Charles looks like he should have worn a little more face protection.

Even the disabled can enjoy paintball games. Kids of all ages can begin enjoying Paintball games. Just be sure you have adult supervision.

We can’t stress safety enough, when it comes to playing in your first Paintball game. You’ll need all Paintball equipment mentioned throughout the site, a decent gun and you’ll have plenty of fun! Paintball Matches are extremely exciting and you might even find yourself not wanting to leave the field. Take care of your Paintball equipment by cleaning it after every match and you can use it over and over.

Paintball gear ready to be put to good use in a matter seconds; as soon as the Paintball games begin!

Please Note: If you want take out a little anger, have some fun or just want to test your accuracy; nothing beats playing a couple Paintball games with your friends. Beginners and Professionals both enjoy themselves a nice Paintball Game.